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The Look Before You Leap Project has ended.   This website will remain live, allowing visitors to access the wealth of resources pulled together for this project.  The Look Before You Leap: Self-Employment Survival Strategies PDF book is now freely available.  Click here to download your copy.

Self-employment self-efficacy is the number one predictor of whether or not career development practitioners (CDPs) explore self-employment options with their clients.  Deirdre Pickerell and Miranda Vande Kuyt share 5 reasons why CDPs should learn more about self-employment.

How do you establish your brand online?  Find out on our blog where we've shared 10 tips for creating a strategic online presence.

Send self-doubt packing.  Cliff Thorbes shares on our blog strategies for overcoming self-doubt and pushing on towards self-employment success. 

Find work-life balance.  Visit our blog to discover how predictable time off can help you achieve work-life balance once and for all.

Accessing Professional Development can be a challenge when you're working as a one-man show.  Visit our blog for tips on how to boost your skills and access professional development in a way that works for you.

Understand Self-Employment Survival.  Whether you're a career development practitioner helping clients explore self-employment as an option, supporting self-employed clients to be successful, or considering self-employment yourself, the Look Before You Leap webinar series will provide you with tangible tips and strategies for success.  

Employees That Have Survived Layoffs need support too.  We've shared some tips on how to help them weather the transition on our blog.

Delivering Layoff News is never easy, but following the tips shared on our blog will make it an easier transition for everyone.

Logos 101: Join Anna Kouwenberg on our blog as she shares a 3 - article series on finding the perfect logo for your business.

Understand e-Counselling with the Fall edition of the Contact Point Bulletin.  Look for an article from Roberta Neault and Miranda Vande Kuyt on the ethics of e-counselling.

This project is supported and funded by CERIC.

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