Supporting the Self-Employed


Self-employment is a growing trend in Canada, so career practitioners need to understand what's involved if their clients choose it as a career option. The resources in this section are intended to:

 - Provide background for you on topics relevant to self-employment
 - Give you practical tips and strategies for helping your clients critically examine the possibility of becoming self-employed.

Are you thinking about becoming self-employed yourself or do you want some relevant resources for your clients? Also check out the resources in the Exploring Self-Employment section.

Are Self-Employment Training Programs Effective? Evidence from Project GATE
A 2002 review of Project GATE (an experimental demonstration program from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Small Business Administration that provided free self-employment support to people considering starting their own businesses.

Building a Business:10 Steps to Fun, Freedom and Financial Independence
Are you considering becoming self-employed as a career practitioner or counsellor? This brief article reports 6 factors that contribute to business success in your field and shares tips for building a successful business. Although the focus of this article is on you, much of the information will also help you help your clients.

Dan Parker Memorial Bursary
In memory of Dan Parker, Life Strategies Ltd. offers individuals the opportunity to apply for a bursary covering the associated fees of the Look Before You Leap: Self-Employment Survival Strategies 2 week e-course (e.g., course, textbook, and application fees). The goal is to assist individuals within the transportation or marine sectors to further their education in the area of self-employment.

Diversity, Entrepreneurship, and the Urban Environment
An interesting article analysing entrepreneurship from an economic perspective. Contrasting "creative class" theories with "regional opportunity structures," the US-based research found that the opportunity structures (good or bad) had the greatest impact on entrepreneurial success. Regional environments that build a solid skill base, offer access to financial resources, and facilitate access to markets offer a strong foundation to new businesses.

Entrepreneurial Readiness Inventory (ERI)
Also linked in the "Exploring Self-Employment" section, this tool will be a useful resource if you're helping clients assess their readiness for self-employment. Once potential barriers are discovered, the tool also provides tips for starting a business and implementing a self-employment action plan.
Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator
An assessment of preferred entrepreneurial style and related strengths and weaknesses, linked to 28 success factors extracted from research on 4000 successful entrepreneurs.

If You Are So Smart, Why Aren't You an Entrepreneur? Returns to Cognitive and Social Ability: Entrepreneurs Versus Employees
This article summarizes comprehensive longitudinal research on entrepreneurial success factors, in particular, the impact of specific cognitive and social abilities on an entrepreneur's income compared to an employee's.

Recent Developments in Self-Employment in Canada
This article, published by the Bank of Canada, covers recent evolutions in self-employment within Canada and describes trends in self-employment as they relate to industrial structure and macroeconomic factors.

Self-Employment as a Route Off Benefit
A comprehensive (136 page) research report from the UK examining supports that resulted in successful self-employment, next steps, and policy issues related to self-employment amongst diverse groups (e.g., people with disabilities, youth, ethnic minorities, women).

Self-Employment, Skill Development and Training in Canada
A government of Canada report, based on a survey of the self-employed in 2000, examining the formal and informal training patterns of the self-employed. Almost all of the self-employed surveyed rely heavily on informal training, including self-directed study, observing others, and discussions with colleagues.

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